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How to Create Android apps without Coding

How to create Android app Without Coding
Written by Akmal Khan

Android app Development is the trending ways to earn money online. In this article you will learn How to Create Android app Free Without Coding.

Too many platforms are available in online market to build application. I will suggest you best platform for android development. For easy learning I will divide these platform in three category.

  1. Quick App Development. [Start with Zero Knowledge]
  2. Simple App Development. [Logic Understanding Required]
  3. Advance App Development. [Basic Coding Understanding Required]

Note :These Three Category have own Advantages & Limitation. Only Limited app you can create with Quick app Development. So try to start with Second or Third Category.

Quick App Development without coding

In this app building category. You can create your own simple app. Some of these sites are free and few charge money for app building. So we start with best & free.

  1. AppCreator24

It is a free and best simple website to make android app. There is no advance knowledge is required. Simply you have to create your own free account.

Create your first application with in minute. You have to provide some basic information about your app. This website will generate android app. You can Download it and Publish on Play Store.

For Monetizing your application. You can place Admob or Facebook Audience ads. This website show 20% it’s ads and 80% your ads. Which is best revenue sharing strategy.

But there are some limitation. You can create simple app & limited UI Design. For example “web to app”, YouTube Channel in app” application etc.

Some more platform’s list available below. These all comes in Quick app development category. Which means You can create app without any skill required. Just in few simple steps.

  1. AppyPie
  2. AppsGeyser
  3. Andromo

Simple App Development without coding

With this simple app development category. You can create your android app without any coding knowledge with simple drag and drop method.

Kodular (Makeroid)

This is a simple & free website to create android app without coding. You can sign up & create your project. In this website simple logic understanding is required.

Visit Official website and sign up to create your account. After creating account successfully. You account is ready create your first android app.

There is two ways to create your project. First, You can create new project. Second you can import existing project. It’s Project are available aia file.

Dashboard is very simple to understand. You have to work in two field first you have design your app. Then work on block means backend. In the block section just drag and drop the element. We will learn this more in detail in the upcoming tutorials.

For earn money with these app you can place AdMob ads, Facebook ads etc. It shows own ads also in the app. Percentage of showing own app depend on the facilities you are using in the app.

But you can remove Makeroid’s ads by paying monthly to the website. They charge approx 5$ to 7$ per month.

But there are also some limitation. You can create app medium level.

Some other similar website’s links below. You can continue with that also.

  1. AppyBuilder
  2. Thunkable

Quick App Development without coding

This category will cover all type of app development. But we will do it without coding knowledge. So to create advance and all type of app, you need to spend some money.

There are two options available here. You can hire a developer or app development company. If you want to hire any developer on company. Check few apps created by theme. User’s review on their website. Because they charge huge amount. You can contact me also to create your app.

OrĀ you can purchase source code with small price.

I will suggest you Codecanyon to purchase these source code. Click Here to purchase source code. First create your account then search for code that’s you required.

To set up the app. All the instruction will be available in the project file that will you purchase. But I will also teach you to create apps from these source code in the upcoming tutorials.

But if cannot setup these type of app you can contact me for app development.

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